Walk-In Tubs

Safety, Convenience
And Luxury

Walk-in tubs provide a variety of benefits for homeowners, especially as they get older. If mobility is a concern, walk-in tubs eliminate the risk of falling from trying to climb into a conventional tub. 

And most walk-in tub models feature jets for hydrotherapy, which can actually help people with stiff joints move better and more comfortably. Walk-in tubs may also help older or disabled people with hygiene. 

Most walk-in tubs can also be used as showers. And perhaps the biggest benefit is that a walk-in tub allows many people to age in place–remain in their homes rather than having to move to expensive assisted living.

Why Choose Aloft Remodeling For Your
Walk-In Tub?

Exceptional Product Options

We offer a spectrum of walk-in tub models, so you can choose what works best for you, your home, and your budget. Our experienced team can help you determine what walk-in tub would be best for you, for now and for the future.

Professional Installation

Our installers at Aloft Remodeling have done scores of successful walk-in tub installations, so they know how to make sure your new tub looks and works great. Our team can handle every aspect of the install, from plumbing and electrical through aesthetics.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining and cleaning a walk-in tub can be easler than a traditional tub. Our models use top notch materials and design features that eliminate corners where grime can accumulate. And the walk-in design means less bending and stretching.